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HELLO I am Francis from Montreal, Canada and I specialize in wedding photography.


Taking photographs has been my passion ever since I began travelling around the world many years ago. At that moment, I realized that a photo can voice what words can't say, can capture a moment and allow you to relive it for years to come. 


I love nature in all it's beauty & can capture you in any weather, rain, hail or shine (and snow considering I'm living in Canada ). I am always up for an adventure whether it is, across the street, interstate, or overseas. I want you, your family & your friends to be as comfortable as humanly possible, so that I can capture all the little unscripted moments of your day, which you can then keep for a lifetime.


My aim is to get back to basics. I will capture the magic as real as it is, while you help me tell your story with the most timeless thing of; LOVE


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