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This Package is build with a natural and filmy look. Incredibly simple, with only 1 main preset your pictures are always going to be consistent and good looking. With the 21 modifiers you will be able to adjust the preset to any different light situation. The pack’s versatility gives you the freedom in your creativity.

Give your images a grainy, warm and brighter vibe with the ff presets III

Built for incredible skin tones.

You will enjoy a wide selection of Contrast, Grain and Saturation with a unique interpretation of colour and aesthetic. FF Presets lll strives to maintain consistent results on all types of photography, while giving flexibility and variety.

Also, you will receive a Workshop video where I show the way I use the preset. Plus, my techniques for creative and beautiful color grades. I'll talk about the most important tools in post production that I use. 

This included workshop video is a huge added value to the pack as it covers just about everything you need to know for the best use possible. 

Some before/after examples can be found below.




Here you will find high-quality and extremely easy-to-use Lightroom presets and Creative Profiles for a constant and breathtaking image look. This bundle is at is best during sunny summer days, but works perfectly in any light situation. It is build for incredible skin tone and is optimized for all major supported camera systems. This bundle will save you time editing and keep a constancy in your image.

What's inside?

• 1 Color preset + 21 Modifiers

• 1 Black & White preset

• 1 Profile

• 30 Minutes workshop video where I show how to use the presets and more.

•1 Installation guide


• Adobe® Lightroom® 
• Adobe® Camera Raw 
• Adobe® Lightroom® CC Desktop Mobile 

Make sure to have the latest version.

I use a Canon markIV and some canon & sigma fixe lenses

On sale 99$